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Sheila & B Devotion – King of the World (Collector Picture Disc)

Sheila & B. Devotion Posted on 2016-07-29 17:32

New release of Sheila & B Devotion’s King of the World as a vinyl collector Picture Disc by Warner Music France.

Including Spacer (in my opinion) one of the three most terrific CHIC groove ever.
Even Tony Thompson himself as declared this track should have been sung by CHIC.

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The B. Devotion

Sheila & B. Devotion Posted on 2014-11-30 14:49

The three black american back-up singers/dancers known as B. Devotion (Black Devotion) with Sheila were Dany Mac Farlane, Freddy Stracham and Arthur Wilkins.

Unfortunately Freddy Stracham seems to be the only one still alive.
He lives in Marseilles, south of France.

Here he is today meeting Sheila.

Sheila & B. Devotion – Spacer original US Radio Commercial

Sheila & B. Devotion Posted on 2014-11-30 14:15

Listen here to the original US radio commercial of Sheila & B Devotion anthem Spacer .

The Remakers – Spacer

Sheila & B. Devotion Posted on 2013-02-03 12:43

Released in Spain, a 1993 cover of Sheila‘s major hit Spacer by The Remakers.

Sheila ’79 Spacer Promo Photos

Sheila & B. Devotion Posted on 2013-02-03 12:24

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