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Russ Terrana In The Motown Studio in LA remixing “diana” (1980)

CHIC Organization Productions Posted on 2016-10-28 15:36

A clip from CNN Los Angeles in 1980, in which Russ Terrana, Motown’s engineer, talks about a new computer that helps in the mixing of the CHIC produced Diana Ross album “diana” (1980).

Please check out 01:37 to listen to CHIC’s drummer, Tony Thompson and CHIC’s bass player, Bernard Edwards going at it. Wouldn’t that be a great intro for, for instance, a Dimitri From Paris remix, provided he could get his hands on the master tapes. He did such a good job on the remixes on the CHIC Box in 2010.

Thanks to Rick Bayz for finding this clip.


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Dimitri’s new CHIC My Forbidden Lover 2016 teaser !

CHIC Organization Productions Posted on 2016-07-08 14:32

Dimitri form Paris seems still working on CHIC.

“Another one to add to my list of Chic & Nile Rodgers related remixes, now working hard to get all of them properly released.

Enjoy here

Dimitri’s new Sledge Dancer 2016 teaser!

CHIC Organization Productions Posted on 2016-02-29 19:13

Just released:


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Aretha Franklin’s Version On Why She Did Not Record “Upside Down”

CHIC Organization Productions Posted on 2015-08-01 12:54

On a recent episode of the US talk show “The Talk” Aretha Franklin again re-iterates her version of why she did not get to record “Upside Down”. posted a news item about the very same thing back in 2000:

(Stockholm 10/5 00) In a recent Swedish Television interview Aretha Franklin revealed that, during her years at Motown, she was offered to be produced by Nile and Nard. But she turned down the offer and Diana Ross wound up with the song “Upside Down” instead. Aretha said; I like disco and many disco artists, but I am not a disco artist!

Nile Rodgers have further expanded on the issue in Daryl Easlea’s CHIC bible “Everybody Dance CHIC And The Politics Of Disco”:

“We never wrote anything for her,’ Rodgers remembered. “We had one meeting with her and we were so turned off, we couldn’t believe that Aretha wanted to do disco. Bernard and I were sitting in the Queen Of Soul’s house, this beautiful mansion in Los Angeles and she was singing, “I’m going to be the only star tonight down at the disco.” …/../… (Nile Rodgers) ‘We were not going to go down in history as the producers of Aretha Franklin’s disco record!”” (Easlea p. 190-191)

You judge by yourself which version is the correct one… We here at of course are betting on Nile’s.


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Free Download Of CHIC Boxset Song!

CHIC Organization Productions Posted on 2010-09-25 15:09

During the last few weeks Dimitri from Paris has given us exquisite little morsels, or amuse bouche’, of music, to wet our appetite for the coming release of the CHIC Organization box on October 18th 2010. Now Warner/Rhino (France) has upped the game and are providing us fans with one of the CHIC/Dimitri gems in its entirety as a free download. The only thing you have to agree to is a tweet on you twitter account or a post on your facebook account. Pretty good deal ain’t it? The track is Dimitri’s remix/edit of the CHIC production of Sister Sledge’ “Thinking Of You” from the “We Are Family” album released in 1979. He has done a very good job on this, in full keeping with the CHIC sound and spirit, so scuttle over there and download it, you’ll have a very nice day keeping that one on repeat. Thanks to Warner/Rhino (France) for this viral effort who benefits us all.

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Dimitri from Paris Snippets

Sheila & B. Devotion – Your Love Is Good, this is my favorite so far, I love the guitar in the beginning and the piano at the end. One wonders though, if Dimitri’s had the guide vocal track available to him? If so it would have been nice to have Sheila and Alfa (or Luci) do this as a duet.<!–
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Sister Sledge – Thinking Of You, very good, especially the use of Kathy’s lead vocal.<!–
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Norma Jean Wright – Saturday, great intro….<!–
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