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At Last, She Is Free: An Interview With Alfa Anderson

Alfa Anderson Posted on 2013-11-15 11:40

Christian John Wikane
, music journalist and liner notes writer extraordinaire (he wrote the liner notes to the latest CHIC compilation), has interviewed our CHIC Lady Alfa Anderson (now former member of CHIC). The interview was published 2 days ago on the site

I began to really appreciate the nuances of the CHIC vocal style, this singing that’s percussive but also legato, that has these crescendos and decrescendos. It’s a specific vocal technique that really works with that whole rhythm section. I understand it even better now. CHIC’s style was a blending of pop and R&B.

Check it out!

UPDATED! Today Friday, November 15th at 12pm (EST) Christian John Wikane will be interviewed on the Show Biz Weekly show, talking among other things about Alfa Anderson. The interview will be re-broadcast at 5pm (EST), 10pm (EST) and 3am (EST). You can listen to it here GO!


Read the Alfa Anderson interview by Christan John Wikane GO!

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Alfa Anderson – Former Lady Of CHIC (promo video)

Alfa Anderson Posted on 2013-11-02 17:17

Yesterday was the premiere day of Alfa Anderson‘s promo video clip of her latest single release “Former Lady Of CHIC“, check it out!


More photos from the video shoot:

And lastly a recent photo of Alfa Anderson and Norma Jean Wright both CHIC Ladies and both looking stunning. Thanks to Rashgene Gazi-White for this photo!

Also thanks to Vince Ferguson.


Buy Alfa’s single “Former Lady Of CHIC” GO!
Watch Alfa’s promo video on Youtube GO!
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Alfa Anderson – Former Lady of CHIC (new single)

Alfa Anderson Posted on 2013-07-06 17:30

New single Former Lady of CHIC composed by her sons & produced by his husband.

Alfa Anderson : “My
single, Former Lady of Chic , is the brainchild of my sons Eluriah and
Taurie Barfield aka The Orkastrator. Eluriah noticed that whenever
classic Chic songs would play on the radio at his workplace, clients
would sing along. Some would even dance in the aisles. When he asked if
they liked that music, the answer would always be, “yes”. Most of them
shared personal stories about how the music of Chic impacted their
lives. That’s when inspiration struck. One day they came to me with a
proposal. We’ve written the perfect song for you and we’d like to
produce it. It’s called Former Lady of Chic. It documents your
contribution to the music industry. When I heard the track and the
chorus, I was hooked. Supported by their father (producer / composer)
Tinkr Barfield who shares writing and production credits, we completed
the track. Take a listen and let me know what you think.”


Buy it

Alfa Anderson – The Lady is still Chic

Alfa Anderson Posted on 2013-06-21 17:09

See >>

Alfa Anderson seems currently working on a solo CD smiley

Alfa Anderson Gig June 29th NYC!

Alfa Anderson Posted on 2013-06-07 12:03

Alfa Anderson will perform at a live event in Brooklyn, New York City on June 29th, 2013. Be sure to attend if you’re lucky enough to be in that area at that time.

And if you can, please post video clips, from the event, on Youtube so the rest of the CHIC fans can enjoy some of the performance. Castle, 380 flushing avenue brooklyn ny&aq=&sll=40.698469,-73.958802&sspn=0.001356,0.001241&t=h&ie=UTF8&hq=Rose Castle,&hnear=380 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, Kings, New York 11205&ll=40.699276,-73.958781&spn=0.003904,0.006866&z=17&iwloc=A&output=embed

The event will be held at the Rose Castle Grand Ballroom at 380 Flushing Avenue/Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn, New York City. Doors open at 10pm and showtime is at 1am. The show also features Steve Arrington formerly of Slave. Tickets bought online are 30USD, and at the door 40USD.

Above is Alfa singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” this spring.

This news was found by Sylvain Tisserand.


Pre-buy tickets here GO!
Google map of the event location GO!

Alfa Anderson on Facebook GO!
Alfa singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” on Youtube GO!

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