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Joni Sledge on tour and… hot !

Sister Sledge Posted on 2009-04-26 17:30

Joni Sledge… she looks more gorgeous than ever smiley.
She’s nearly 53… incredible.
With her new CD she will be on tour.

Listen to Joni.

Sister Sledge Story (BBC video)

Sister Sledge Posted on 2009-03-08 14:36

Sister Sledge Story by the BBC.
Funny the interview of Nile Rodgers talking about some problems he had with the sisters and some lyrics they found to “hot” smiley
We are family seemed to be has been recorded in only one take.


Joni Sledge first solo album

Sister Sledge Posted on 2009-02-01 14:45

Joni Sledge and Mark Pastoria at Harmonia Park Studios, Detroit, July 2008, working on Joni’s fisrt solo album.
The “other” great voice of Sister Sledge seems to be back soon smiley

Mark Pastoria is a 2-time Grammy award winner and President of Harmonie Network
who has worked with Aretha Franklin. He won a Grammy for his work on Ms. Franklin’s award winning
track “A House is Not a Home” from the Luther Vandross tribute album.

The album is available to buy from Joni’s site GO!

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