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Andy Zax’ Mathis Presentation

Johnny Mathis Posted on 2009-04-20 12:29

Ned Raggett comments on the Andy Zax, Johnny Mathis – “I Love My Lady” album, presentation at the EMP pop conference yesterday.

The bit about Andy Zax’ presentation starts at the last paragraph GO!

The 5th CHIC/Mathis Song!

Johnny Mathis Posted on 2009-04-19 14:28

Today Andy Zax is presenting the CHIC produced Johnny Mathis album “I Love My Lady” from 1981, at the Experience Music Project Center in Seattle WA. In anticipation of what we might hear from this event (to be released or not to be released, that is the questionsmiley) we here at are presenting yet another track from that legendary, and highly sought after unreleased project.

This time we have the opportunity of letting you hear, a clip of, one of Nile Rodgers favorite tracks from the Mathis album, “It’s Alright To Love Me” a.k.a. “Go With The Flow“. Nile had this to say to our own Simon Parr in 2003, He: “…thought it was a great album and a track off it called “Go With The Flow” was one of their best…”

The track starts out with a great piano part played by Rob Sabino, which then echoes throughout the track. Rob Sabino’s play is amazing on this track.

You have a great interplay between Nile and Bernard Edwards (very muscular bass) in the break. The CHIC choir is extraordinary as usual. My one criticism is that the track is too short at only 4M20S, imho it would have benefitted by another 2M or so of track time.

As usual we’ve had to agree to only post a short clip, the benefactor wishes to be anonymous…(you all know the drill by now). However we here at thank you for your immense generosity in helping us to let the faithful CHIC fans hear this gem.

Listen to “It’s Alright To Love Me” (aka “Go With The Flow”)

And as usual the, transcribed by Simon Parr, lyrics are now up GO!

Please leave your comments on the track!

Another Mathis Track!

Johnny Mathis Posted on 2009-04-01 18:22

We here at are very pleased to bring you another clip from the CHIC produced Johnny Mathis album “I Love My Lady” from 1981. As with the last posting about this exciting and legendary project, we’ve had to agree to post only a short clip as well as keeping the benefactor anonymous (n.b. not the same person as the last time).

Since the last posting we’ve had great news that the entire CHIC/Mathis project will be presented by Andy Zax at the Seattle EMP center on April 19th 2009. Such a thing may make it easier to finally release the entire album. Let’s hope this is what will happen.

I Want To Fall In Love” begins with a jazzy acoustic intro, with slight similarity to “Savoir Faire“, and then falls into the chorus. At the end Mathis holds the last note really long. To listen to his circular breathing during this is fascinating. A really good track in my view. Although, of the 3 tracks and one demo we’ve heard so far, I have to go with “Sing” as the favorite. What are your thoughts?

BTW: If all goes well, I think I can promise another track soon.


I Want To Fall In Love
I Love My Lady
Love And Be Loved” (demo)

UPDATE! Lyrics are now up: GO

CHIC’s Mathis Project Revealed!

Johnny Mathis Posted on 2009-03-14 17:46

More evidence is surfacing that we may? actually see a complete release of CHIC‘s production for Johnny Mathis, the “I Love My Lady” album, in the near future.

Andy Zax a reissue producer, writer & DJ has dug up the album from the vaults and are having a presentation of the project next month on April 19th at the EMP/SFM at Seattle Center.

What is significant is that it is Andy Zax who is also putting together the long..long..long awaited CHIC box. Let’s hope he will be able to convince the powers that be that a full album release is a good thing.

If any CHIC fan is able to be at this presentation, we here at would appreciate a report.

Below text from

“Lost in Lost Music: Rediscovering Johnny Mathis’ I Love My Lady”

In 1981, crooner Johnny Mathis–fresh from a successful collaboration with Deniece Williams–entered the studio with Chic, the innovative disco/funk band. Chic auteurs Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers were then at their commercial and critical peak, and the album they wrote and produced for Mathis, I Love My Lady, was intended to reinvent the vocalist for a younger generation.

But upon its completion, the record was perceived—whether by Mathis, his management or the record company remains unclear—as having Gone Too Far. I Love My Lady sounded too funky, too black, too intertwined with the kind of musical sound Mathis had spent his entire career avoiding. Amidst fear that the album would alienate a straight-laced audience that Mathis had cultivated for more than two decades, the project was killed. 28 years after it was recorded, I Love My Lady remains unreleased. Since then, the album’s mysterious disappearance has made it the subject of considerable myth and speculation; despite the fact that virtually no one has ever heard a note of it, it is often included on lists of “Great Lost Albums.”

In 2007, I discovered a set of masters to the album while combing through the Warner Bros. vaults for material related to an upcoming Chic boxed set. As the producer of that project, I will be discussing both the history behind the album’s original recording and subsequent suppression as well as the current attempt to bring it back into light. I’ll also be touching on some of the challenges facing recovery projects of this sort, especially in a time where record companies are making it more difficult to search through archived material for just these kinds of forgotten recordings.“



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New Mathis track!

Johnny Mathis Posted on 2009-02-02 18:09

OH the joy!!!

The flood gates are apparently opening, Just months after we got to hear I Love My Lady an anonymous benefactor sent our stellar Simon Parr another track from the Mathis album, the very CHIC-ish “Sing“.

Unfortunately we’ve had to agree to post only a short clip of the track.

Simon have also posted lyrics
to the track. Hopefully this is not the last track we will post. So
anyone who have the Mathis album, please send us any of the remaining

I’m totally in love with the break (how unusual), and when the CHIC
gang sings “Together-er” at the end of the clip I get all tingling and
goosebumpy… -Aw Yes!… that was good.

Tell us what you think about the track.

(pocat for Simon Parr February 2, 2009)

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