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Robin Clark And Carlos Alomar On CHIC, Bowie, Luther And More By Christian John Wikane

CHIC Organization Singers Posted on 2016-06-22 15:25

Christian John Wikane interview Carlos Alomar and, sometimes CHIC collaborator, Robin Clark for

In the interview Robin Clark and Carlos Alomar talk about how they came to know the CHIC guys and, in Clark’s case, came to work with CHIC:

Clark: We’ve known Nile since the early ‘70s, since our first group Listen My Brother and Sesame Street.

Clark: Nile also knew that Luther and I sang together. At the time, there was another singer named Diva Gray, who was my best friend. Nile asked for another singer. Luther knew Diva, so we brought Diva.

They also talk about their work with their friends Luther Vandross and David Bowie and more. Do not miss this interview, it’s great!


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Happy Birthday To CHIC’s Michelle Cobbs!

CHIC Organization Singers Posted on 2015-07-31 14:20

Today we say Happy Birthday to another CHIC Lady, Michelle Cobbs, who’s sung on almost all CHIC productions, and also on the new CHIC single “I’ll Be There“. She also toured with CHIC. The image is from a performance at Musikladen in Germany in 1979 watch the clip below.


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Wax Poetics Interview: The Ladies of CHIC

CHIC Organization Singers Posted on 2015-07-12 17:16

Wax Poetics have in their latest issue published an interview with many of the Ladies singing on CHIC‘s albums, former and future. Norma Jean Wright, Robin Clark, Alfa Anderson, Luci Martin, Folami Thompson and Kimberly Davis.

Unison singing, the likes of which the first incarnation of CHIC (with Vandross aiding the arrangements) practically invented, is a matter of precision and perfection.

This interview includes many priceless quotes, and information that is new.

“Huh?” laughs Martin, who at the time didn’t get to know Anderson as a backup vocalist or as CHIC’s co-lead. “She seemed nice, but all I gathered was that my best friend was ousted,…

“With the women in CHIC, there was always dignity without drama, and we’re following suit,” says Davis.

The interview is available in the latest number (no. 62) of Wax Poetics out now!

However Next Step‘s (Alfa Luci & Norma Jean) label, pacific electronic music (PEM), have uploaded a PDF file of the interview.


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Kimberly Davis – With You (2013)

CHIC Organization Singers Posted on 2014-05-04 10:28

CHIC Lady “The Voice” Kimberly Davis released a new diva dance oriented single With You in 2013.

Listen :

Jocelyn Brown Talks About CHIC

CHIC Organization Singers Posted on 2013-06-02 18:58

Jocelyn Brown, who worked with CHIC on “Take It Off” (1981) and “Tongue In CHIC” (1982) as well as on Bernard Edwards‘ solo album “Glad To Be Here” (1983), is a guest on the BBC Radio 2 show “Johnnie Walker’s Sounds Of The 70s” today. The program can be listened to for a week after the original show, and will be online any minute now. This is was was posted on the BBC Radio 2 site about the show:

American R&B singer Jocelyn Brown picks her favourite songs from a decade in which she began her career as a backing singer for artists including Musique, Inner Life and Chic.

Thanks to Russell Holden for this news.


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