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Please Support CHIC’s Jerry Barnes Kickstarter Album!

CHIC Organization Musicians Posted on 2016-11-19 12:24

CHIC’s bass player Jerry Barnes who recently had a no. 1 hit with Jota Quest with the song Blecaute featuring Nile Rodgers, from the album, Pancadelico, he produced and co-wrote, is doing a kickstarter campaign to fund his new album.

The text of the Kickstarter appeal:

Hi I’m Jerry Barnes! I’m doing this Kickstarter to create and market my album, I’m excited and I hope I can give you something that you are very proud to be a part of.
I just want to thank everyone in advance for supporting my project.
You don’t have to choose a reward. No donation is too small. And if you can’t donate please share my campaign.

This project will feature: Sherrod Barnes, Isaiah Sharkey, Katreese Barnes, Khari Parker, Ralph Rolle, Bashiri Johnson, Cory Henry, Bobby Sparks, Jef Lee Johnson, Mino Cinelu, and members of Jota Quest.“

There are a lot of different rewards depending on how much you donate, but it is perfectly fine to just donate ONE DOLLAR! Among the awards is this signed Nile Rodgers rhythm guitar.

There are music samples on the kickstarter campaign page as well as a video message from Jerry Barnes.

Please support Jerry Barnes album!


Jerry Barnes Kickstarter Campaign for his album “Justice” GO!

Jerry Barnes Official Page GO!
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Interview of Richard HILTON (July 2014)

CHIC Organization Musicians Posted on 2015-05-17 20:09

A rare interview of Richard Hilton, the sound ingeneer and keyboards of CHIC.
He met Nile Rodgers in 1988.
Having met him several times, he’s really a nice guy smiley

Read here

Rob Sabino & Selan

CHIC Organization Musicians Posted on 2013-01-31 18:05

When classic CHIC meets new CHIC.

For the 2013 gig of CHIC at the We Are Family Foundation gala, Rob Sabino smiley(one of the historic CHIC keyboards) will perform.
Here he is with Selan, one of the current CHIC keyboards

SELAN feat. Nile Rodgers

CHIC Organization Musicians Posted on 2013-01-12 20:48

Selan Lerner known as SELAN is currently the 2nd keyboards together with our longtime friend Richard Hilton within the current CHIC Organization.

He released a new album called “Space Flight”, in 2012, on which he collaborates with guest artists. Of course among them is Nile Rodgers and his magical guitar but also former CHIC vocalist Melissa Jimenez.

Listen to “Why Did You Hurt Me” written, composed, produced and performed by Selan.

Keyboards, drum programming and vocals: Selan
Electric guitars: Nile Rodgers
Trumpet: Maurice Brown
Tenor saxophone: Teodross Avery


Listen to the song on Youtube GO!
Buy the album on iTunes GO!