The final box set list has been released by Rhino France, see below.

There are some real gems in there for instance Nile Rodgers remix of “Dream Girl“.

Three Johnny Mathis tracks from the STILL!!! unreleased “I Love My Lady” album CHIC did with him in 1981. I’m really happy that my favorite track from that album “Sing” is on there. I am surprised that they didn’t put the title track in the box, perhaps that is something we can look forward to in Vol II or III, if we buy enough box sets that is.

Two tracks from Fonzi Thornton’s “Frostbite” album he did with CHIC in 1981 is great, but what we really want is that full album.

The real surprise is a previously unknown track “Just Call Me” which according to our fountains of information, associates and generally glorious guys, FrenCHIC, & Simon Parr (who informed me), is a track that was recorded after the “Believer” sessions were finished (a time when we all thought CHIC had disbanded?).

4 outtakes may also give us insight to the CHIC gang working in the studio, and that, for me, is very interesting.

Dimitri from Paris who is possibly the best remixer in the world today delivers 5 remixes, most of them CHIC hits, but he has chosen one track not from the CHIC Organization heyday, and that remix is the most interesting to me; “I Feel Your Love Comin’ On“. So I’m getting really really really excited anticipating the 18th of October, a great day indeed.

CD 1 – Artists Title

01. CHIC Everybody Dance (12″ Mix)
02. Norma Jean Saturday (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
03. CHIC Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) (12″ Mix)
04. CHIC Est-ce que c’est CHIC
05. Norma Jean Sorcerer (12″ Mix)
06. CHIC CHIC Cheer
07. CHIC Le Freak
08. CHIC Savoir Faire
09. CHIC Happy Man
10. CHIC At last I am free
11. CHIC Funny Bone Outtake (Previously Unreleased)

CD 2 – Artists Title

01. CHIC I want your love (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
02. Sister Sledge He’s the greatest dancer
03. Sister Sledge We are family
04. Sister Sledge Lost In Music (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
05. Sister Sledge Thinking of you (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
06. CHIC Good Times
07. CHIC My feet keep dancing
08. CHIC My Forbidden Lover (12″ mix)
09. Sheila & B. Devotion Spacer
10. Norma Jean Hold Me Lonely Boy (Previously Unreleased Long Version)
11. Sheila & B. Devotion Your Love Is Good Outtake (Previously Unreleased)

CD 3 – Artists Title

01. Norma Jean High Society (12″ version)
02. Sister Sledge Got To Love Somebody
03. Sister Sledge Reach Your Peak (12″ Mix)
04. CHIC Rebels Are We
05. CHIC Chip Off The Old Block
06. Diana Ross Upside Down (Original CHIC Mix)
07. Diana Ross I’m Coming Out (Original CHIC Mix)
08. CHIC Stage fright
09. CHIC Burn Hard
10. Debbie Harry Backfired (12″ version)
11. Fonzi Thorton I Work For a Living (Nile Rodgers Long Version)
12. CHIC What About Me Outtake (Previously Unreleased)

CD 4 – Artists Title

01. Carly Simon Why (12″ mix)
02. Teddy Pendergrass Dream Girl (Previously Unreleased Nile Rodgers Remix)
03. CHIC Soup For One (12″ Mix)
04. Fonzi Thorton I’ll Change My Game (Previously Unreleased)
05. CHIC Hangin’
06. CHIC I Feel Your Love Comin’ On (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
07. CHIC You are beautiful
08. Johnny Mathis I Want To Fall In Love (Previously Unreleased)
09. Johnny Mathis It’s Alright To Love Me (Previously Unreleased)
10. Johnny Mathis Something To Sing About (Previously Unreleased)
11. CHIC Just Call Me (Previously Unreleased)
12. CHIC Will You Cry Outtake (Previously released)

Nile Rodgers presents The CHIC Organization Box Set Vol. I / Savoir Faire (4 CDs) released on October 18th 2010 by Warner Music / Rhino France GO

PLEASE NOTE! The booklet containing comments from Nile Rodgers will be in English.

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