Only two more to go… The 6th song from the unreleased Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers’ album production, for the CHIC Organization Ltd., of Johnny Mathis – “I Love My Lady” is the song “Judy“. It’s a composition which originated from Bernard Edwards, and is imho a wonderful CHIC standard… I really don’t know what sets me off but I feel really happy when I hear this song, and it’s not the usual happy rush I always get when I hear something new from CHIC, it’s kinda’ an extra layer of happiness? smiley

As before, this came from an anonymous benefactor. We’ve had to agree to a shorter clip than usual. Many thanks from us to this generous person!

Let’s hope Andy Zax manages to persuade the powers that be to release this gem of an album, because so far, 6 songs (of 8) in, there are no duds on the album. Nowadays, the record co’s should be so lucky to have that perfect a product. So com’on release it already!

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Listen to “Judy

Our stellar Simon Parr have transcribed the lyrics for us GO!