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The Hitmaker – Musical show Tribute to Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers Posted on 2016-11-12 15:09

Here a complete musical show tribute to The Hitmaker Nile Rodgers smiley
Seems to be british.

Enjoy here

CHIC – Good Times (Hangover Boss Remix 2016)

CHIC Posted on 2016-11-11 18:09

There are a lot of Good Times remix but very few are “listenable”.
This one is rather good.
It’s respectful with some disco gimmicks.

CHIC – Good Times (Hangover Boss Remix 2016) here

Nile & Nard interview (video 1979)

CHIC Posted on 2016-10-31 12:17

Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum, host of ABC music program ‘Countdown’, caught up
with Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards from CHIC while on tour in 1979.

Enjoy here

CHIC vs Loleatta Holloway – I’ll Be There in Love Sensation

CHIC Posted on 2016-10-23 13:01

Absolutely AMAZING smiley mashup of CHIC / I’ll be there vs Loleatta Holloway / Love Sensation.

Enjoy I’ll be there in Love Sensation

Nova Catalina Octet – Sao Paulo (2015)

CHIC Emulators Posted on 2016-09-17 13:32

It’ll been almost 40 years that this track makes me dream when I listen.

It is not representative of the famous ” CHIC sound” strictly speaking, but there were only CHIC to imagine such elegance.

Here a 2015 cover just a little bit more brazilian by Nova Calatina Octet.

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