I just added 8 new video clips to CHICtribute.com‘s CHIC videography page.

CHIC “Dance, Dance, Dance” with Norma Jean Wright on Top Pop in 1978 GO!
Norma Jean Wright “Saturday” & “Having A Party” on Soul Train in 1978 GO!
CHIC “Le Freak” on Top Of The Pops in 1979 GO!
CHIC “I Want Your Love” on Soul Train in 1979 GO!
Diana Ross “Upside Down” in Central Park, NYC in 1983 GO!
Nile Rodgers‘ promo of “Let’s Go Out Tonight” from 1985 GO!
Nile Rodgers‘ promo of “State Your Mind” from 1985 GO!
Outloud with Nile Rodgers “It’s Love This Time” a promo from 1987 GO!

I have also posted the full clip of CHIC‘s performance (Dance, Dance, Dance & Everybody Dance, including interview) on American Bandstand in 1978 GO!

-Some clips load slowly, if so just pause the clip, and wait ’til they are fully loaded before starting playing them.



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