This Sunday September 5th 2010 Ralph Tee at JazzFM will do us CHIC fans another favor, he will, as part of a CHIC tribute section signifying that Nile Rodgers and the CHIC gang will gig at the O2 Arena next Friday, play “Love And Be Loved” from the CHIC produced Johnny Mathis album “I Love My Lady”. An album that remains unreleased.

The song “Love And Be Loved” was released by Nile Rodgers, as a demo on which Fonzi Thornton was singing guide vocals for Mathis, a few years back. Now we get to hear the finished product. A sample of “Love And Be Loved” was also used by The Shapeshifters on their collaboration with Nile for the track “Sensitivity” in 2006.

We here at are very grateful to Ralph Tee.


Demo of “Love And Be Loved” sung by Fonzi Thornton.